Wednesday, June 17, 2009

way to go Ohio

So I just received word that House bill 176 has officially passed the first round of voting in the house. This is a historic moment for Ohio, never before has legislation regarding gays and equal housing and employment made it through committee. Even better it is expected to go to the full senate as early as next week. When I got involved with Equality Ohio this year I never expected to be sitting here telling others that change would come this quickly to Ohio. I am proud to know that my state Rep Debbie Phillips is behind this bill and I feel even better knowing that I helped put a person in office that will vote the way that I would if I got to vote for the good of all Ohioans. I am so excited and hopeful right now it almost takes the sting out of the frustration that I feel with the white house, but that is another blog.


Jude said...

Good for Ohio. As much as I want to see the change at the Federal level, I really think it first has to be with the majority of the states. Good work!

suburban dyke said...

The Midwest seems to be more on the ball than California. In NJ, we've been domesticated and civilized (domestic partner and civil union) and are waiting to be married. Jude is correct. I want marriage on a federal level too. F*** DOMA!

kimber p said...

wow this is exciting for us here in Ohio..embarassingly, I'm not as involved as I should be---but this seriously is great news!