Monday, June 2, 2008

My family

So Today I will blog for my family, my family that will aparently ruin all of society. I have a lovely wife and 3 beautiful children. the oldest 2 came with me into this relationship from a previous marriage( this one legal because there was a penis involved... notice i did not use the D word) anywho, our oldest child is 14 and wonderful. the middle child is a sassy 8. Then we have our baby who sadly will turn 2 in July. we have been illegaly married for 2 years. I have been with my partner for almost 5 years and I can tell you that I know that this is the pwrson that I am suspose to grow old with. this is the person I am suspose to drink coffe with and share the paper with. this is the person taht is suspose to take care of me snd that i am to take care of. this is my other half, my reason for being, my heart and soul. this is my love. It seems so crazy to have to justifiy my relationship and therefore my family. in my house we cook we clean(not a much as we should) we make school lunches we do homework we go to sports practices and events. we have fights, we laugh we cry we snuggle, cuddle and just veg in front of the couch. we are the all american family no matter who you ask we are the typical family down the street. we do not hit in our house we do not hate we do not celebrate fathers day, we still pay our taxes and vote all the things that the other families do but we are not recognized and we are definayly discriminated against. this sucks and I do not like it but i would not trade my family for an easier life. i hope if my kids take anywhing away from my life they understand that easy is not always best and to never settle for what someone tells you is good enough.
I know this had rambled and it makes no sence but there is my blog for LGBT families.


Diane J Standiford said...

Makes perfect sense to me! Attys can give most things but not Social Security benefits upon death of partner. We deserve that money; we deserve the right to have our partners cared for when we are gone, and our children. Nice to meet ya, from a former small town dyke, with big city dreams.

rainlillie said...

Your post moved me to tears. So beautiful! I feel the same way about my husband. It really makes you feel complete to have unconditional love from another human being. Your family sounds very nice. I love children, I have two, a boy and a girl. Toddlers are so much fun!