Sunday, September 16, 2007

what a day!

So the school year has started and so far so good. daughter has started high school and likes it. Son 1 is is in first grade and doing well. We have only beento the principals office once and that was just to inform the man that the wife and are the support system for the daughter and he better never threaten her with "calling daddy " again. I have never been so irate. good thing the wife went with me or i may have ended up in jail. Any whoo we are doing well and life has been nuts, daughter runs cross country and keeps us all busy. We love it. I wish that i had the passion that she has for it. She knows she will never win a race but she runs for the joy it brings her. I admire her so much, i just hope she doesnt realise it to soon and i lose the upper hand that i have with her. well must run.

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