Monday, September 24, 2007

weekend wariors

so this weekend started off with a trip and a fall. I was at work on Friday and some how managed to trip over a power cord and hurt myself. I have injured my left knee , and now am in an immobilizer. This would be all well if i could slow down long enough to enjoy being hurt hahahh
However the wife is sick and the kids have stuff going that is non stop so off i hobble to be with the family. On an up note our darling daughter ran an amazing race this weekend. she got a meddle and beat the one girl that she has been gunning for. I was a proud mom to say the least. as i said the wife is sick, she has missed 3days of work. we got to urgent care for my knee and she was seen as well, 2 birds 1 stone type of deal. I'm glad they saw her the doc told her that had she waited her little cold could have ended up an pneumonia.soo instead of a weekend of being babied we took care of each other . I had to take a post accident drug test today and a word of advice to the lady who handed me the piss cup and expected me to carry it while on crutches wake up moron.

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