Monday, September 17, 2007

feelin special

well about a month ago I did a little project with equality Ohio, it was a digital story tellers workshop. The purpose was to get glbt issues out to the straight people. IT was a very intense 3 days, and i met some very wonderful women. Anywhoo i got an email today form A at equality Ohio and they would like my family and i to be photographed for some promo stuff!!! We are all soo excited. I told them anything that we can do to help. i feel so special. I just hope that through this and the digital stories that we are able to help people see us as just a normal small town family. I know that is how our community sees us. I mean after they got to know us and realised that we aren't any different than they are we just have better sex. (jk) seriously if people would just take the time to get to know 1 glbt family then they would see that we aren't any different. I still go to work and cook and do laundry. I still have the same worries for my kids, plus a few extra that go with my lifestyle. I don't understand what it matters who i sleep with at night. well enough bitchin for now more to come I'm sure.

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