Sunday, September 30, 2007

first dance.

well this entire week has been consumed with the preparation for k's first high school dance. She has been so excited , not to mention the fact that she was grounded and didn't get out of trouble until the day of the dance. she is so cute, i told her that if she didn't stop talkin about the dance i would extend her grounding and she burst into tears, i was kidding but it was still funny. it got her to stay quiet for all of about 10 mins. I guess it's hard to remember the excitement of that first dance. In other news both k and E got mid terms on Fri. K is doing well in all classed but 2 and we have talked about those. My man though is getting all A's he got only one grade below a 100 and that was an 86 so my boy is doing sooooo well. I had some thoughts about holding him back and now i am sooo glad we did. hello it is 12 am and my phone just rang. K just got asked out by a Jr. He called my house at 12 am....... he may need to die. but she looks happy, i must go listen in .. more later

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