Sunday, January 4, 2009

slow start to the new year

So 2009 has started off rather slow, but i think i like this pace. the wife and i have agreed to workout together and do some yoga together. This is not that big a deal with the exception that I need to lose some weight and the wife needs to bulk up. i guess that will be the usefull part of doing yoga help me slim and her bulk. Anyway we have started the year off with a slow and steady pace that seems to fit us. the wife goes back to school tomorrow the kids go back to school and i go back to work. My job is kind of up in the air and though i know that this should give me more than a few sleepless nights, it hasn't. I am good at my job and i like it but my company is going through a major restucturing and I will know in a few weeks if i still have a job or if i don't. I am taking this time to reflect and decide what i want to do. I know that we will be ok either way and if i lose my job I will go back to school. It will all work out and I have decided that stressing about it will not make it any better or worse so i will take it as it comes and move on from there. hope you all are having a wonderful year so far and that all of your wishes for the new year come true.

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