Monday, January 19, 2009

Hope begins !

So today is the last day of Bush!!!! That in and of it's self is a day worth celebrating, however the real party begins tomorrow. I am so excited to think that in less then 24 hours we will have a new president. I know that at 12:01 tomorrow nothing will change I know that there is no magic button that Obama gets to push that erases all of the stupid things that have occurred over the last 8 years. I know that as a country we have an up hill battle with our economy. BUT I also know that we now have hope. Hope that comes in the form of a man that sees all people, a man that I want to believe will see my family and recognize it as that a loving family no more no less. I think that my resolution for this year is to live my life as a proud gay woman. I will live out and proud in everything that I do. I have decided that this is the year that there is no closet for me in any aspect of my life. I now know that in America all things are possible. Tomorrow we have our first man of color taking the highest office in the land and in honor of this great accomplishment I will live my life without the closet, I will live my life without fear, and my hope is that I am able to open just one closed mind. So thank you to all those who helped usher in this new era of HOPE, and I invite those of you who didn't to embrace diversity because we aren't going anywhere and we are tired of being silenced.

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