Sunday, April 27, 2008

home at last!!!

So I am home again from my week in st Louis. It was a very intense week of training and learning a new system and the best way to train others on said system. i was with 6 other ladies from my market. It was a very wide sampling of ladies, they ranged from early 20's to late 50's. They are from rural and not so rural areas of Ohio an west Virginia. It was a great time just watching the personalities mix. We had class from 8-5/6 daily and the nights were open to sight see and relax. we did all kinds of stuff. we went to the hard rock cafe, we went to hooters, we went to union station and saw the factory where they make tums. Our hotel was very nice and right across the street from the arch. We never did make it into the arch, they have weird hours for the ride to the top. We did take some great pics. Our hotel was also very close to cardinal stadium. On the first night we met a very nice gay man that took us on the best carriage ride. He was so sweet we paid him for a 1/2 hour ride and he took us out for about an hour and a half. he told us all the places to hit. on the last night we went to the casino. did not win any money but I did have a brush or should I say almost brush with a celebrity. My friend and I were coming back to the gaming floor from getting some great sushi and As I was trying to get m gaming card out I almost tripped into Barry Manilo! I was not sure who he was at first, I thought he was Rod Stewart, they both have a very plastic look. But we did get to see him and I was not all that impressed. he was SOOOOO drunk that he looked like one of those punching bag clowns bouncing around between his handlers.
all in all it was a great trip, I learned lots of new stuff and had time to relax and see a beautiful city. now I am able to relax and enjoy my wife and kids I think they missed me. later

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