Sunday, April 13, 2008

working vacation

So 1 week from tonight I will be sitting in the Millennium hotel in downtown St Louis. I am excited and nervous. I am going for a 1 week training class, to bring my Market up to speed with digital photography!!! This i am excited for, it's the leaving my family for a week that has me concerned. I know that my wife is very capable of taking care of the kids, I also know that we have enlisted my mom, the mother in law and are good friend T to help with the kids at night(the wife works nights) It is just the complete and total lack of control that has me going insane. I know that it is nuts, I do It's just how I do things. I have to have things in order at least in my mind. I have to know that my children are taken care of at all times and who will be doing said taking care of. It should help me knowing that no matter who has them they are with K but it doesn't I know that she will help with the boys and that most of the time she is a bigger mother hen than I am but it still doesn't help knowing that I will be hours away. I have left them overnight quite a few time and that doesn't bother me I get through letting the older two go with their father for a week at a time in the summer, I'm just nervous that something will go wrong while I'm gone. I know that i will get over it and I am sure I will find some way to enjoy myself. I am going with a great group of ladies( no family ) and have told them that they must come out with me one night to a strip club!!! We shall see if that happens, our boss is going with us and she may need the most convincing to go but I will work on that . so for now I am off to pack after all i only have 6 days and a few hours


Anonymous said...

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Grumpy Granny said...

Think of it as a "trial run" for when your kids get older and THEY want to go away for a weekend! Sounds like you have everything taken care of just fine. Have a great trip, check in when you need to and DON'T WORRY!