Thursday, April 3, 2008

I am a klutz!!

So is it bad when they know you by name at urgent care? I have once again just gotten home from urgent care. Yesterday morning while running to put the dogs out before the puppy piddled on the rug I kicked a 5lbs hand weight and broke my pinkie toe. now I know stubbing your toe hurts like hell and I have done it before and thought I had broken my toe, but this time It was sticking out side ways.Yuck!
i did this just as the wife was getting home from work and she came in and pulled my toe back where it was suppose to be and taped it to the other toe. She thought that I should have gone to urgent care right then, however I was on my way out of town for store meetings that I had scheduled a week ago, so I thought it's just my toe it will be fine. well heels were out of the question and ballet flats still hurt like hell, but work must go on. So I drove 275 miles and took 2 store meetings. It hurt like hell and when I got back to my hotel I took off shoe and my hole foot was swollen and bruised. I called the wife and she told me she didn't want to hear it that I should have let her take me to the Dr. So i whined a little bit more and went to bed. Let me just say it sucks to be 275 miles from home and the strongest pain relief that I had was midol. so I drove home today and the wife took me to urgent care and To my surprise and the docs I have a broken toe. He gave me a copy of my x-rays, a lovely black orthopedic shoe and a note for no heels for 3-4 weeks. Normally this would not be a big deal but I fly out in 3 weeks for a big corporate meeting and I can not imagine not wearing heels with half of the suits that I own. The wife has made fun of me because she knows how neurotic I am about planning and my wardrobe. each suit has it's own pair of shoes and most of my suits require heels since I am vertically challenged. My boss told me I would not be wearing my ortho shoe to corporate. I just love my job!! I am however enjoying the nice pain meds that came with the ortho shoe.

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