Thursday, April 17, 2008


so I have been sitting on two very large things that have happened this week because I wanted to make sure that I had time to put what was in my head on screen with some care.

1st the wife came home from work the other night and told me that she had an experience at work. Now the wife works for a major reatail chain overnights, most of the people that she works with are younG and some are fairly culturaly stupid. Anywhoo, the other night one of her co-workers was having an issue with a cell phone and told it to stop being "gay", right in front of the wife.Now on any given day I can pass for straight if I want, but the wife no chance.(I am sooo jealouse). the big deal here is that My wife went on the offensive she let this young girl have it for a good 5-10 mins . She let her knwo that saying things like that is not acceptable at work or in life for taht matter, she went as far as to tell her that those kinds of remarks can even get people killed. the little girl apologized to the wife and told her it would not happen again. Now the surprising part about this is my wife is a very soft spoken don't rock the boat type of girl. she told me that she came down so hard on this girl because she is still young and moldable, she thinks she can be saved. I was just so shocked that she said anything. I guess that she finally found her breaking point. I am so so proud of her. Oh and the little girl is still apologizing days later.

2nd My wonderful beautiful 14 yr old daughter K came home and told the wife that she has a crush, no big deal right but it's on a GIRL. I was floored. She also waited till she was driving to work to tell me a good 4 hours after I got home from work!!! I know that this is going to sound weird comming from me but I am afraid for her. We live in a small town that is very redneck, I feel safe here but I worry for her, I wonder if this girl is just messing with her , I worry she will get hurt, because we all know that a woman can hurt you sooo bad. I worry that her father will blame me for this, as well as everyone else. I am also excited for her I love knowing that she is open to the idea of loving a person for who they are and what they can bring to a relationship. I am proud of her worried but proud.. thanks for letting me rant


Queers United said...

i commend her for standing up against stupid ignorant comments. obviously you have the sense to be careful, tell her its good to be an activist but also there are times it isnt safe to do so. its kinda a decision you gotta make based on the moment. def don't hide your feelings when someone says something dumb like that though.

Diane J Standiford said...

Wow, great job from a normally soft-spoken person as MY partner is) and wow=wow your daughter...this will be interesting. My first love at 15-18 broke my heart, leaving me for my older brother...took me 20 years to get over it/her. I was just experimentation for HER. (And SHE was the aggressor.)