Saturday, August 1, 2009

My wife,changes might be on the way

I'm not sure what all I have shared about the wife other than that she is the love of my life and sexy as hell. She is also ex-military. She was in the Air force when we met and only got out when we got pregnant for our son. She misses the Air force, I know that she does. We have always talked about her going back if don't ask don't tell went away. well today she decided that the air force reserve might be the way to go. She is going to talk to the recruiter next week and see what they have to offer her. I am excited and worried and excited for her. I know that this would mean big changes for our family and as much as I don't want to have her in the closet I know that she will only be doing this on a part time basis so I can live with it. This is away for her to further her education and when don't ask don't tell goes away we can be the military family that we should have been all along. So keep us in your thoughts, big changes might happen soon


Eternally Distracted said...

Good luck to you both and kudos to you for understanding and supporting your wifes need to pursue her dream

shane rocket said...

great luck to you all.... fingers super crossed

Dragon said...

Definatly good luck to you. Be great for your wife to follow her dream and not have to worry about anything as far as hiding either.