Sunday, August 9, 2009

family pics

So no this is not my family but it is a picture that I took of one of the nicest families that I know. I have taken pics of the little boy since he was born. Actually I have taken pics for this family since before there were kids in the family. They are one of the nicest families that I have ever worked with. They are so special to me that I rushed to the studio to take the little guys Christmas pics just and hour after our insemination for S. They were also the first of my clients that I came out to. I guess that is why they are so special. I got a hug and was told they hoped I was happy. They always ask about the wife and kids and are just great great people to be around. I just wanted to share this beautiful family.


Eternally Distracted said...

They do look like a lovely, happy family - Great picture :)

Nadja Norden said...

Dear “Small Town Dyke”♥
Indeed a really nice picture. I enjoy your description, thank you for sharing!