Sunday, August 16, 2009

kido update

So we saw the father today and the kids stood thier ground. told him that they didn't want to be at his house. they both told him that they want to see him but not at his house. My nine year old looked his father dead in the eye and told him he didn't want to come back to his house ever. I know that it is what they say they want, but it breaks my heart to know that they are this frustrated. we came home and thier father had called and left them a message telling them how much he loved them and missed them. Now mind you I can count on one hand how many times he has called them in the last year. All I can do now is let thme know how loved they are here. We have one week before school starts and I have one more fun outing planned for them. So keep your fingers crossed for us all that this continues to be ok.


CJ said...

I am on the last week of summer with my daughter as well, enjoy every moment of it and may you find sanity in the upcoming school year!

Dawg said...

*fingers crossed*


The Mafia Bitches are on standby :)