Friday, August 21, 2009

Honest Scrap

Dawg awarded me with this Honest Scrap Award.

There are three rules for this award:
First, link back to the person who gave you the award (see above)
Next, give the award to 10 other bloggers.

1 Propaneamy Any one who wears a human condom is ok with me! no seriously love ya Ames

2 Jude at 7sences I want to shoot like she does!

3 Lilliegirl: She has more Patience than 10of me.

4 unlawfully wedded wife. She was one of my first blogger buddies!

5 KimberP at I know right. she is a fellow buckeye and has a heart of gold

6 Tina from she is a fellow feisty femme

7 holden from packing vocals. for helping me understand the wife a little more.

8 Solo at Solohomo. She makes great vids!!

9 ok so I was going to tag dragon and rocket but they got tagged.

Second part of this is to tell 10 things about me

1 I love to read and can burn through books like they are water.

2 I use to work as a phlebotomist and now the thought of needles makes me feel yucky

3 I have given up on trying to look the part of a lesbian. I am what I am no matter how I look.

4 My wife is very excited about #3,but she did have fun laughing at me for trying to look butch.

5 I love to shoot pictures and don't ever leave home without a camera or two.

6 I have more shoes than I will ever wear and I know it. ( don't tell the wife I know)

7 I love hockey GO BLUE JACKETS!

8 I want to run my first 5k this year.

9 I love eminem thanks to the wife.

10 I use to be a beauty queen. NO COMMENTS!

ok So my links aren't working. who knows.


Jude said...

Hey Small Town..thanks for the award! One of these days we'll go on a shoot together because I know I could learn a bunch from you!

Beauty Queen hey? Oh, but you said no comments yet yes, I can see a BQ quality in you.

Propane Amy said...

Thanks sweet cheeks. I'd wear a human condom for you any day!!

LilliGirl said...

you are a used to be. Thanks for the shout out.

And 5k? That should be fun. When running I always think 3-4 miles is plenty. 1st race I did (after 4 months of training) was a 10k and I haven't done one since. :)

Dawg said...

High 5 Hockey Fan! :) said...

#5 I with ya! But it also means I rarely/never get my picture taken. lol
#10 Awesome!!!