Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year

This time of year always makes me reflective. I try and decide what I would like the new year to be about and how to make it happen. this year I am so undecided on what I want to happen in my life. I have taken a temporary district managers position at work. It is for at least 10 weeks. It could be permanent if i want to move, but i don't' think I want to move i mean my house is payed for in less than 5 years. i also don't know if this is the best time for me to be traveling as much as the position requires. The wyfe just got into her clinical rotation with school and I would like to be home for her as much as possible. I know that school will require her to study much more from here on out and I want to be a good support system for her. i do know that this year I am going to let go of lots of things. I think that I have held on to things in my life that I have no control over. this is the time in my life that I need to let them go, i need to focus on making me happy so that positive energy and good things come into my life. I need to make myself a priority and not feel bad for doing so. I need to focus on my family and keep them safe and happy. I know that this will be a challenging year and I'm not sure how it will end or where i will be this time next year but I know that I will take the time that i need to focus on me.
I hope that you all get what you want from 2010. Be safe have fun and love and live well!

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Camlin said...

Have a great 2010! It will all come together!