Thursday, December 17, 2009

is this really still happening?

As many of you know there has been a substantial amount of drama in my life as of late. In the last year I have come clean about an affair and I thought that we had put the entire thing behind us, this was only partly true, we still had somethings to talk through and in the last two weeks we have come to a new understanding and place in our relationship.I am confident that my marriage will be just fine and we will move on from here. my marital drama my be over but in it's place is now bloggy drama. I'm sure many of you are familiar with DawgDyke. She had an amazing blog that made me smile. She has quit blogging and I hope that someday she is able to start again, but that is not the point of this blog. I will say that away from blogland and twitter Renee has become my friend. When i thought my world was coming to an end she was there for me, she let me cry, she let me rant she just listened. As her readers know she too has had a fair amount of drama in her life as of late. I hope that I have been as helpful to her as she has been to me. with all that said we are just friends no more no less. I have no plans to be with her no thoughts that we should ever be together. I just don't see her like that. She is an amazing woman but we are way too much alike in so many ways that it would not even be possible. I am putting all of this out there because it has come to my attention that some of you are being told that Renee and I are interested in each other or even that we are an item. I think this is happening because when things end someone needs to be blamed. As I have said already I have had way to much of this High school type drama in my life I want it to end so that I can once again get the positive flow of energy in my life going. I will say physical violence is no way to end anything, people come and go from our lives all the time but violence should never be there. I think it is beyond time to act like the adults we are, if you have something to say to me all I can say is Bring It, I know where I stand and who has my back


Camlin said...


May the drama end soon.

kimber p said...

well, I got your back..let that be known :)
and I haven't heard anything like what you've just said is going around about you and to me--but it does paint some pretty interesting pictures, now that you've mentioned

call me anytime :)

CJ said...

I was cut out of the drama for talking to someone involved in the situation. I have been removed from blogs and Twitter as a result. I wish people could just be adults and work out the situation without the drama. Because I TALK to someone on the INTERNET I get cut off? So be it. People need to grow up.

LilliGirl said...

Damn, girl. I'm so out of the loop. Sounds like that may be a good think though in this case. Holla if you need an ear...everyone involved is too old for drama bs like that.