Wednesday, July 15, 2009

lazy days of summer

I love it when I get two days in a row off. Last night the wife and I went out for date night. We went to the 12:02 show of the new harry potter movie. I thought it left a bunch out but since she hasn't read the books she thought it was good. Then we slept in late today and went to the water park with the kids. The day at the water park was good. I got to see my boys grow up a bit today. E had to take a swim test before he was allowed to go down the big slides, he almost gave up and decided he didn't want to but the big slides looked like to much fun and he jumped in and did the test and passed with flying colors. S wasn't sure about the water when we first got there but with a bit of coaxing he finally was in the water and having a ball. I was great to watch him concur that fear and enjoy himself. K has changed so much this summer. Getting away from the awful boy of last summer has done her so much good, she is once again a happy teen girl. Now we are all home a little burnt and very worn out going to settle in and watch a movie and eat popcorn,and I am off again tomorrow!!! enjoy

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Dawg said...

Harry Potter rocks. I thought this movie was "darker" than the others.

Water park? Oooohh I'm jealous :)