Thursday, July 9, 2009

evening stroll.

So the wife and I decided, well I decided the wife and S would accompany me on my walk this evening since I missed the gym this morning. we live about 2 miles from the local state park in pretty much the middle of n0where. So we get S in the stroller and get to the end of our driveway and start up the hill when I hear a cat meowing. I look back and here comes K's cat. this cat is 12 years old and started life out as a stray. It has been with us since K was in preschool. It's a nice outside cat. K and this cat are always together when K is outside, the cat acts more like a dog a lot of the time. Anyway I told the wife that she needed to get the cat so it didn't get hit by a car. She grabbed the cat and I told her she would have to carry it since I'm allergic. She just smiled at me at plops the cat down on the canopy of the stroller. Now get this the stupid cat laid down and went to sleep. I kid you not. Well we had walked about a half mile from the house when the cat jumps down and heads to a tree. I start screaming for it and the wife keeps walking she said she wasn't chasing the stupid cat. I said fine if she is gone when K gets home you can explain. So we kept walking and about 45 Min's later we come back to this spot and there sits the stupid cat. She looks at us like where have you been I would like to go home. So the wife scoops her up put her back on the stroller and off we go. this time the cat just sits there like she owns the world. I couldn't believe it. I told the wife well I guess this gives new meaning to walking the Pu$$y.


Propane Amy said...

Hahahahaha. That cat knows where it belongs!!

kimber p said...

that is so partner's cat will go on walks with us, but she acts like she's hiding from us--behind bushes, underneath cars. I think she thinks she's being one point, Vic almost had her trained to walk with a harness while we walked the Notice I said "almost".

Dragon said...

LOL, nice. Hey cats are pretty damn smart.