Thursday, May 28, 2009

schools is almost out!

So school is out for the kids next Wednesday. It's so dumb they are making up snow days so all they are doing is sitting at school watching movies and playing games. k found out the she is going to need to attend summer school to make up for the biology class that she did do so well in. I called her father to inform him that she would need to go to summer school and he told me she would not be attending summer school, she would be going on vacation with him because he has already paid for it. Ummm hello if she doesn't make up this credit she doesn't graduate with her class. Now I know that this is her responsibility and that she messed up but come on the beach will be there for years to come and she is only in school once. So I go to the school tomorrow to find out if this is a mandatory thing that they can help me out with. Wish me luck... E gave his first oral presentation this week to his second grade class. It was cute, we sculpted a cardinal out of clay for him to use as his visual aid. baby S had his end of the year program at daycare today his class was suppose to sing 3 songs and let me tell you all 6 kids stood up there just fine and the teacher has a great voice. Not one of the kids sang a note. The wife has finals in two weeks . Now if I just got the summer off it would be a great vacation but alas I still have to work. I will shorten the weeks and take more time off for the summer we have several mini vacations planned. I can't wait to go camping (RV) with my parents. It will be fun to watch the kids and the grandparents together. So that's what's happening here is smalltowndykeville.

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Jude said...

Yeah, I wish I could take the summer off too.