Saturday, May 2, 2009

Gallery opening!!!

Last night was the opening of one of my great friends photography galleries. She had asked the wife and I if we would like to display our work in her gallery and of course we said yes. It has been a crazy week deciding what we wanted to represent our work. We shoot weddings,senior pics and other special events, but my favorite subject to shoot is butch women. I love to try and capture that amazing butch energy.
We finally settled on about 20 prints and got our wall set. Last night was great fun to get to dress up and mingle with adults enjoy good wine and music. We even got a quick job out of the evening. The wife went and shot pics of a lady getting a tattoo. It was a 10 min job and she made a quick 50 bucks. It was a great evening and I am so happy for my friend. She deserves this so much.

3 comments: said...

That's awesome!!! I would love to see some of your work! (especially the butch stuff LOL)

soulspeak23 said...

well aren't you two just the cutest??!?
I'm diggin the sparkly hair too!
Looks like a fun night.

LilliGirl said...

You two look priceless. Share some of your wok with us...pleeeease? :)