Friday, May 22, 2009

ASSHOLE neighbor

For the second time is a week my asshole neighbor has taken my dog. I should explain I have 42 acres with about a mile of road bordering it on one side. My wiemeranor will patrol the length of our property and come home. he stays on our land unless someone offers him a car ride. Our ass of a neighbor had figured this out and has now stopped twice and taken him down the road. I can't prove this because no one has seen it but us, so it's his word against ours. Now my dog is gone and we can't find him I am one pissed off DYKE . Wish me luck !


Propane Amy said...

go get'em tiger!! kick ass and take names!!

Jude said...

I hope you can find your pup! And yeah, kiss some ass. said...

We have a weimeraner too!!

So, when you say "take him down the street" does he bring him back????

WTF?? I'd so be on his ass.