Sunday, January 24, 2010

Who let the Dawg in???

ME ME I did!!!!

This weekend Dawg brought her family and came to visit mine. We had a full house with 8 humans and 5 furry kids,but we also had a blast.

Is this not the sweetest face you have ever seen? I would have kept this snuggle bug, but I couldn't get Dawg to part with her.
We spent a very relaxed weekend just hanging out and getting to know one another, and drinking wine lots of wine. I got to practice my mad cooking skills and dawg taught me how to make cornbread. I look forward to many more visits with this wonderful family.

*and just for the record there was no lightning this weekend !


Jude said...

Sweet! You guys are so lucky being close enough for weekend visits. So lots of wine hey?

small town dyke said...

Jude it is nice to be close. and the wine was flowing... you'll have to ask dawg about the corkscrew!

LilliGirl said...

I'm o glad you had fun. It's awesome when you find friends to hang with.

Ang said...

Awesome...I am glad you all had a great time :) jealous.

lesbo said...

aww, looks like fun!
did that dog drool on your new couch?! ;)

Plans... What Plans!?! said...

Sounds like a good weekend!!!

P.S. What kind of wine?? I'm not seeing any blue-ish tinted teeth in that picture so I can conclude two things:

1)It was early in the weekend...


2) You were drinking white wine!!!

Either way, hope you had a good one!!

Dawg said...

Wine and Motrin! LOL

Hey, at least I can catch up on sleep now. You two kept me awake damn near all weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lil Grasshopper, YOU can sleep when you're dead!!! hahaha