Monday, January 11, 2010

my family

this is a re post of a video I did for equality Ohio. It was done to help educate the general public on LGBT issues. Hope you enjoy it

my kids look so little in this video!


kimber p said...

this had me wiping tears..this is absolutely beautiful :)

Jude said...

OMG....the statements you made in the video brings it right to home for many people. We (our families) don't have the protection like others do. We have to continue with this fight for equality.

You rock Girl, this is an excellent video!

Ang said...

I am with kim...I was wiping tears thanks for sharing...:)beautiful post.

Solo Homo said...

Beautifully done and selflessly shared.

Someone very close to me is also an Adoptee with kids of her own now. Guardianship could become an issue with her, also.

I'm counting on the Fed'l Gov't. to do the right thing and soon.

We're not Second Class and YOU and your family are beautiful.
Thanks for the reminder, Girl.

lesbo said...

this is a great video, lady.
thanks for sharing with us!

Camlin said...

Stunning. Beautiful. You and your family amaze me.

I hope this effort wakes people up.

CJ said...

Just wonderful. What a great, great video. Thank you for sharing your story and for fighting for us all.

Mon said...

I had to watch this over and's an amazing, touching video. When you said Kristy started hemorrhaging, it brought back to me the birth of my own daughter, and nearly bleeding to death. It must have been so hard worrying about not only her life, but the guardianship of Spencer on top of it?

I don't even know what to say except that was an extraordinary piece of work, and thank you for sharing it.