Tuesday, July 29, 2008

summer daze

So summer is here and almost gone. The kids start school in less than a month and K has started training for another year of cross country. I am so amazed with this child. It seems like we have to beat her in to running at first then she just takes off. She was told by her coach that she needed to run at lest 3 miles a day. This didn't seem like to much to ask, so we have been going to run/walk with her in the evenings. e rides his bike, the wife runs or jogs and I walk with baby S. It is a good time. Of course this is every other week because K&E go to their dads for a week at a time in the summer. The other night I told her she was to run 6 miles and she looked at me with that look that teenage girls do so well and said no problem. she did it too not arguing no back talk just ran her ass off. after running 5 and a half miles I told her I wanted to see what she had left and the little smart ass ran a 4 min half mile. I was stunned. she was tired after but she ran her ass off. I was proud of her and hope that maybe this year she will find a little bit of competitive side that requires her to push herself. I guess it's good that she will run for the joy of running but I would so love to see her better her times and beat this one girl in particular. Oh well I guess at least she does something.

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