Wednesday, July 23, 2008

family pics

So today we went and had the dreaded family pics taken. Now I know that you would think that with this being my business this would be a piece of cake.... Not the case. If you ever heard me taking my own children's pics you would never let me near yours. I hate to take their pics. Its not that they are bad kids or anything like that it's just that they don't listen to me. So today I walked in and looked at my photographer and told her it was her game I had nothing in it, to do with us what she would. It was as great shoot. the kids smiled for her and we got some great pics. We even got to have an extra family member. (baby S would not put down his Penguin)
The wife and I got a pic of just he two of us it seems like forever since that has happened. So after a stress free photo shoot we are going to reward the kids and go to a drive-in movie tonight. Yeah!!!

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soulspeak23 said...

You have a beautiful family. Everyone looks so happy!
Gotta love that awkward gap toothed stage we all go through!