Wednesday, July 9, 2008

life update

So after 2 days of random power outages we have had power this evening and i thought I would take the time to update a bit. We had a great time at pride, I wish that more days could be like that. We went to The in laws for the 4Th it was a good day. We also saw the fireworks on the 5Th with my mom and my bob. It was Baby S's 2ND birthday and I can not believe that my baby is 2, I am just not sure where the time has gone. The two older kids came home on Sunday and we have had a great week so far. On Monday we went to the lake and then came home to no power, the official story is that there was animal contact. Now I don't know about you but it must have been one hell of an animal to knock put power for almost 15 hours. We made the best of it and built a camp fire and roasted hot dogs for dinner. the kids had fun. we then played hide and seek till it was time for bed. No sooner did the wife and I get all snugly in bed that the power came back on. we then had to run around and turn off all the lights that we had on. i got up and went to work early on Tues and when I came home the wife was in the garage she let me know that we once again had no power. this time it was a tree down on a major line,blah blah blah. So K had started a roast earlier that was done so last night dinner consisted of roast beef and bread and butter. I know what healthy eaters we are. So today i went to work only to call every hour to be told that yes we still have power. It has been a good day and over all a good start to summer.

In other news the wife has quit her job. She was up fora promotion at work and the hiring manager is known to be a homophobic prick. She didn't even get a real interview she was told that 3 other Men were much more qualified. This is bull ans she called them on it. Then the trouble started. She had never been so much as late to work and she has gotten excellent on all her evals. but they started to nit pick and I told her not to put up with it. I make enough for us to get by and it is so not worth her aggravation to deal with that. The exciting part is she is now going to finally use her GI bill and go back to school!!!!!!! She has wanted to for a long time but lacked the confidence to do so. This is just the push she needed. I am so excited for her. She is going to be a Radiology Technician. I can't wait to see her in scrubs ;)
well I have rambled on for far to long so more later.

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