Monday, March 1, 2010

weekend update

So this weekend had it's ups and downs, mostly ups but one big down. we had decided we wanted a sphynx cat and thought that we had found a good breeder. Dawg came in for the weekend to help us pick out our cat and we drove half way across the state only to meet the crazy cat lady and her full grown ugly ass cats in her stinky house. Needless to say we didn't come home with a cat. I was disappointed but a little retail therapy made it all better. (I was told that shopping with a femme can be aggravating to some people.)
Saturday night we went to dinner with Dawg then we went out for drinks. I am told that not only did I dance with my favorite drag queen but apparently I danced with a very unattractive drag king. I don't remember the later so I am saying it never happened. I will leave you with a few picks of the weekend. Hope you all had a great one!!


Nikki and Michelle said...

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LilliGirl said...

Too funny...Now I think we just need more pics. :)

Anonymous said...

so lemme just say, dancing with the nasty drag queen, oh yeah it happened MUAHAHAHAHAHA.
Thank you for a wonderful b-day weekend, I had a most awesome time.
Sorry U didn't get my hairless puss for my b-day :(

Anonymous said...

*correction* ooops my bad nasty drag queen = drag KING!!!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Looks like a blast! Sorry about the kitty disappointment. That sucks.