Thursday, March 25, 2010


I miss my blog, it seems like I have been neglecting it lately, I am still reading blogs and am here a couple time a week, I think it's just that life has been crazy. Work is hectic, home is crazy, and what free time I have I have been trying to spend with the wyfe. There is however a bunch going on so Lets do a run down list.....

1 The wyfe has decided that she is going back active duty as soon as she sews on Staff Sergent. Big changes to happen here at home with that choice that I am VERY VERY excited about.

2 My new boss came to see me the other day and hates me. I have been with this company for almost 10 years and have only been written up once and that was the month the wife visited from Japan and I was late A BUNCH!!! She came is and told me I wasn't doing anything right.... I am 132% to what company goals are and my labor and costs are well below what they should be but I don't know what I am doing.... I hate to say it but I feel it's a gay thing and that sux!

3 This one makes #2 better I am going back to school in the fall! I am taking a completely different career path but I told the wyfe that when she gets stationed I want to be able to pick up the paper and find a job, so I am going to do a Medical assistant program with an emphasis on billing and coding. This way I can find work just about anywhere.

4 The daughter is going to 3 yes I said 3 proms this year so I am going to be busy for several weekends. I am so excited! I may even get back in the mood to take some pictures!!!!

5 E made the a/b honor roll and we are proud!

OK so that is what has happened around here in a nutshell, I have been reading blogs if not commenting, I miss you all and hope your well.
Happy Spring!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the job. But that is awesome about going to college!