Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So today I took the day for myself, with the wyfes complete permission of course... I went and saw this hot blond dyke and let her put her hands alllll me. The wyfe even got me ready for her. She helped me shave my legs and get all soft and smooth. I had to drive a bit for her but it was sooooo worth it. She laid me all out and put her wonderful warm hands all over me for the entire morning and quite a bit of the afternoon. She has hands that just make me melt.I love the way she knows just what I need and where I need it. I turn into a puddle when she touches me. She worked me over and left me feeling warm and soft and completely relaxed. She even finished me off with the best chocolate I have ever had. I suggest if you have the chance you should alll take the time for a great massage. I feel like a new woman, and will have much more patience for awhile, that is until I need her again.


Jude said...

I loved doing that to women...just never did it with wait, yes I did with the Mrs. ;)

You deserved that treat...good for you.

Dawg said...

Damn that sounds nice! :)