Saturday, February 13, 2010

changes,reflections,date night

So as you know I took a temp job at work and have had fun doing it, however this assignment is coming to and end and I am sort of sad that I will be going back in studio. I have been offered two other district managers jobs but they would both require me to move to Virginia and at this time I am not in a position nor do I want to move. So it's back to the studio for me. This is a good thing i wont be away from home and and I will get to spend more time with the kids and the wyfe. It also means that on the weekends she has reserve duty I don't have to worry about the kids being home alone, this makes us both more comfortable. I also will be able to get back to the gym on a regular basis. I have missed going to the gym. It is my time to reflect on me and concentrate on doing something good for me, and it just puts me in a good mood.

last night was date night, the wife and I went out for dinner and then to see Dear John. It was a good movie, they didn't butcher the book that bad at all. We also got new piercings last night, but I won't be sharing any pics ;)

have a great weekend and I hope you all have a lovely valentines day!!


Plans... What Plans!?! said...

Sounds like a great date night!!! :-)

Jude said...

no pics?? how come?

Dawg said...

Yay for date night :)