Monday, December 29, 2008

the sickies

So i blogged about the fact that I spent Christmas night at the er. They were very nice to me and gave me drugs that made me forget that i was in pain. Well last night baby S Spiked a fever and had yet another fibril sesiuror and we rushed him to the er. He is fine just panicked the wife and I. Then to top it all off K got up this morning complaining with chest pains and shortness of breath. this is the same thing that happened at her dads last week and he and the new wife told her it was a chest cold to suck it up. well off to the Dr we go. K has a history of atrial flutters and I was not willing to take a chance that it was something more than that. well our pediatrician is on vacation so we had to see the senior partner in the practice. this man is old and crabby, almost as soon as he came in the office the wife's new cell (which she hasn't mastered) started beeping and the man scolded my wife and told her to turn it off. No big deal we just kind of exchanged a look. Then get this in the middle of examining my daughter HIS cell rings.... he stopped and took a personal call in the middle of my daughters exam! EXCUSE ME OH NO YOU DIDN'T. I will deal with this just as soon as our Dr is back and we don't need this man. Anyway that wasn't even the worst part. K mentioned that she runs and the man had the nerve to tell her that her boobs were to big for her to run. WTF this man needs to retire or something. He then ordered a chest xray , EKG, and blood work to see what the problem is. So now we are home in front of the fire relaxing dinner is in the oven and soon we will eat and relax some more. we are keeping our fingers crossed that E stays healthy.

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