Tuesday, October 7, 2008

one more bump for baby S

So last night the wife and I played in the yard with the kids for awhile. I love to spend time out side in the leaves and the crisp autumn air. We played freeze tag, and we threw sticks for our weimeraner mac. He isn't the brightest bulb but he is getting better at the whole bringing the stick back part. anyway... We made it threw the outside time and came in to get the kids ready for bed. Baths are over so it's movie time. Baby S wanted to watch the backyardigans. Now I don't mind this show but after last night I think I am going to ban TV from my home. He was dancing to the backyardigans and lost his footing and smacked his face into the entertainment stand.
Right between his eyes. His nose didn't bleed but he did swell and he did cry ohh did he cry. It was one of those moments that we have gotten way to use to with this little guy. We decided not to take him to the ER only because he didn't bleed and once he calmed down he got up and played a bit. He now looks like a clingon from star treck. I don't know what to do with him but I am thinking that a bubble wrap suit would make for a great investment. we have been to the ER 3 time with this little guy in his short time and I am so waiting for social services to knock on our door. He went to daycare today and they told me when I picked him up that they didn't write an incident report up, because they thought that it was a legitimate injury. (Thank The Goddess) I know that this boy has given me more gray hair than than the other 2 kids combined. I just hope that we are able to get threw the next year with no more major bumps or cuts. Wish me luck.